Woven Love

We celebrate family bonds and heirloom-worthy craft with beautiful cashmere pieces hand-knitted by grandmother artisans.

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Knitting Mementos and Memories - Woven Love

100% Premium Inner Mongolian Cashmere

Our Sourcing

At LǍOLAO STUDIOS, we partner with Inner Mongolian farmers to source only the softest, highest quality cashmere yarns for our hand-knit treasures. When creating our lightest shades, the yarns are utilized in their undyed form. These shades are kept free from chemicals throughout the farm-to-yarn process and reflect the cashmere's magnificent naturally varying color characteristics.

"Feels as amazing as it looks. Buying for all my favorite family members this winter. Just wish my grandma could make something this stunning"

-Katie S. NYC

"Feels as soft as it looks! The story behind this product is so touching and I want to share it with my family. I just found the perfect holiday gift."

-Sherrie G., Portland

"Adorable and stylish. Family twinning game strong!"

Trisha W, NYC